About ITC Hamasaki

The organization that was established in January 2016 primarily to support the small and medium-sized enterprises around Yokohama and Kawasaki .

To know the area live in their own , we aim to activities of IT coordinator that can be precisely because there beside of local companies . It will support the use of IT in order to give a sales promotion and value-added products and services.


SMEs Service

It will answer true of your worries of small and medium-sized companies and small businesses like .

Worries exist about the very gory IT in the actual site . Since the ITC Hamasaki living in Yokohama and Kawasaki (IT coordinator with each specialized field ) gives as a team , you can put out the objective and appropriate answer


Subsidy Utilization

A number of subsidies and subsidies to support the small and medium-sized enterprises have been public offering .

Manufacturing , commercial and service innovation subsidies , founder and second establishment promotion subsidy , challenge to new businesses, such as small businesses persisted subsidy , your support , while squeezing together wisdom the use of subsidies that can be used for market development support you.