It will answer true of your worries of small and medium-sized companies and small businesses like.

Worries exist about the very gory IT in the actual site. Since the ITC Hamasaki living in Yokohama and Kawasaki (IT coordinator with each specialized field) gives as a team, you can put out the objective and appropriate answer.

<Major service content>

◆ consultation of IT utilization to be immediately implemented in the most recent
– Website Design
Catalog, brochure, flyer production
In-house information sharing (groupware utilization)
And customer management (business card management)
And sales management
And sales management (marketing analysis)

◆-promote their products and services on their own
(Promotion) consultation you want to
· SNS (facebook, twitter) utilization
Blog utilization
And video content production
· E-mail magazine production, regular transmission
Seminar planning support

◆ consultation of IT human resource development in-house
· SEO / access analysis
· E-learning content production

◆ consultation of support for management itself to concentrate on management
※ BPO (business process outsourcing)
Agreement peer review
Contract creation support
Presentation agency
Company introduction, products, services introduction
Manual Production Support
System test support
And products, services survey
Package products, services comparison
· Billing agency
• Other language translation services
· DM agency calling service
– Inclusion, Mail-In Service
Vendor inquiry agency services

◆ want to consider the use of such cloud services
And corporate cloud selection support that matches the scale / needs
Cloud service introduced from Overview
Amazon, Azure, Google Apps, Office365, Kintone etc.

◆ want by social cognition to improve the corporate value
– Various application creation support
Small subsidy
Manufacturing subsidy
IT management of attack
Management innovation

◆ consultation on internal environmental construction and security
PC setup
Wireless LAN environment
Intra-site construction
Security diagnosis
PC, server
◆ I want to introduce a full-fledged system
· IT strategy support
(Action Plan from management issues extraction)
· RFP (request for proposal) creation support
· Estimate evaluation support that came out from the IT suppliers
· IT suppliers and negotiation support
System introduction of how to proceed support
– Various business systems
Sales management system
Production management system
CRM system

◆ consultation anything
1,000 yen mail service (questions per month one thousand yen and e-mail)
Until ※ month 2-3 copies. Collection is we ask directly your local IT coordinator. If the answer to the unsatisfactory will be refunded.