Subsidy Utilization

A number of subsidies and subsidies to support the small and medium-sized enterprises have been public offering.

Manufacturing, commercial and service innovation subsidies, founder and second establishment promotion subsidy, challenge to new businesses, such as small businesses persisted subsidies, the use of subsidies together your support while squeezing the wisdom that can be used for market development you.

◆ 2015 supplementary budget “manufacturing, commercial and service new development assistance grants” public offering start of the February 5, 2016 (Friday) April 13 (Wednesday) deadline]
In order to create a new business services and manufacturing that corresponds to the domestic and international needs, in cooperation with the certified support organizations, innovative service development and prototype development and production process improvement small and medium-sized companies and small businesses of equipment to perform It is a subsidy to support the investment.
Small and Medium Enterprise Agency HP:

◆ establishment and second establishment promotion subsidy
Against a person who performs a new establishment (including a second establishment), it is to assist in the part of the expenses required for the establishment, etc., encourage the creation, etc. of new demand and employment, to activate the Japanese economy the aims.

◆ small businesses persist subsidy
The subject is limited to small businesses. For sales channel development, etc. efforts to small businesses is carried out on the basis of the management plan, in principle 500,000 yen subsidy to a maximum of (subsidy rate 2/3) is issued.

[Yokohama and Kawasaki grants information]

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